"I had taken relaxation massage before deciding that my passion was to become a Massage Therapist. I researched several different schools and AIM was the one most personable. During my time at AIM, I suffered a loss and went through a difficult time. The directors and instructors were extremely understanding and caring. I was a person to them and not just a student. I appreciate how well they treated me and also the knowledge I gained from the wonderful instructors. They gave me strength to finish the program and to pursue my passion. I am now a Registered Massage Therapist at a clinic and I am finally helping people the way I was meant to."

Koreena Lindstrom, RMT

Canmore, Alberta

"I started my massage therapy training at the Alberta Institute of Massage (AIM) in January 2002 after realizing I wanted to enter into a holistic, healing and people based profession. At AIM, the people, training and environment are laid out to create one of the most challenging and exciting programs I have ever taken. I would recommend anyone, considering a career in massage therapy take a serious look at attending this top-notch school. I am a successful massage therapist."

Kyle Green, RMT
Lacombe, Alberta

Massage gave us the initial skills to dramatically change our lives. We now live in a tropical paradise and run our own successful private practice in medical rehabilitation massage. We will never shovel snow again !!!"

Merrill & Linda Lund (formerly of Wetaskiwin, Alberta)
Bonita Springs, Florida

"Going to school at AIM was not only a learning experience, it was a life change. The confidence and knowledge that I gained allowed me to use my skills in many different workplace settings and gave me the ability to help people feel their best. I recommend AIM to anyone who is interested in taking on a challenge that will benefit health, wellness and confidence in yourself and the people around you."

Keri McKenzie

Red Deer, Alberta