Prerequisite 1000 Hour Program. (This program is 1200 hours and combined with the 1000 hr. prerequisite, provides the graduate with a Diploma recognition of 2200 hours)

Program Start Dates:
September of each year

Program Overview
Progressive topics further to a 1000-hour equivalency program:Regular classroom hours for the full-time program are Tuesday through Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Clinical practicum hours are scheduled Fridays, evenings and weekends on a rotational basis. Practicum schedules are posted after the first month of class.

Tuition & Supplies (Payment Options Available)
2200 Hour Full-Time PricingWho Should Consider Taking the 2200 Hour Diploma Program? **It is important to note that not all programs issuing a 1000-hour standard have the same competency level as A.I.M. and therefore may not be accepted as entry level to the 2200-hour Advanced Diploma Program.