The Alberta Institute of Massage will be the FIRST Massage Therapy School to incorporate the digitized CAVEman human atlas in a massage therapy curriculum.

This astonishing human atlas has been eagerly anticipated, as the unique, one of a kind digital library is about to revolutionize the way students view, study and learn human anatomy!

Kasterstener Publications Inc. has collaborated with the University of Calgary in the completion of this dynamic creation of 3D computer generated technology and the directors are excited about the exceptional benefits to students worldwide...beginning right here, at the Alberta Institute of Massage!

"CAVEman" human atlas - coming to the Alberta Institute of Massage in the fall of 2007!!!!

Links to media regarding the human atlas and CAVEman technology:

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Alberta scientists have created a virtual human atlas that can be manipulated for medical research

U of C scientists unveil the virtual human

ScienceDaily: First 4D Virtual Human Created, Dubbed CAVEman

Virtual human puts doctors inside their patients - Yahoo! Canada News

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Mike Dixons' Website: www.arthrokinetic.com
Mike Dixons' article on Iliopectineal Bursitis: Iliopectineal Bursitis.pdf

NOTE: If you do not have a PDF viewer, click on the Adobe Reader icon to download your free copy in just a few minutes.

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